Leave it to fate.

Hey readers! I've got an OotD involving actual pictures of me! These were taken in the fitting room at J. Crew, haha. I wore this outfit this previous Saturday while wandering the farmer's market and downtown.

Dress, belt: UO; sandals: Chelsea Crew; bag: etsy (madebyhank)

 I got both the dress and the belt from UO earlier in the spring, with the distinct idea to wear them together. The dress itself is lightweight and easy to accessorize, and the belt adds the perfect amount of sweetness I think! A simple, airy outfit for a warm, sunny day!

What are your favorite dresses to wear in the summer, readers? Please share in the comments!



Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi readers! Here are some highlights from another great weekend:

  • Spending an evening eating all-you-can-eat pizza at August 1st Bakery. So delicious! You fill your plate as they bring out freshly made pizzas with toppings like potato, carrots, walnuts, pear, goat cheese, and even chocolate. And the crust is so light and crisp and yet fluffy all at the same time! I can't believe I just discovered this. Best deal out there, I'm pretty sure. Unfortunately, I was so busy eating that I forgot to snap any pictures!
  • A bittersweet goodbye to my good friend M, who is moving back home to NJ as her internship and lease here in Vermont have now ended. I already miss her, but know I will see her soon!
  • Starting to plan a trip to the city (New York!) for the end of October/beginning of November to meet up with two old friends! I've never actually been to New York City (though I've flown through it probably more times than I can count), so I'm really looking forward to this. Any recommendations, readers?
  • Farmer's market again! Although this time I was mainly there to take pictures (and buy a pretty little bouquet of flowers), as I'm getting all of my meals provided for me for the next two weeks.
  • TREK training started! Time to re-learn about group dynamics, get to know my co (co-leader) even better, and prepare for a six-day trip working on a Habitat for Humanity house with incoming first-years!
So that was the wrap-up for my weekend. What were all of you lovely readers up to?



Of A Revolution

For those of you who do not know me very well, my favorite band is a certain band named O.A.R. (aka Of A Revolution).

My freshman-year roommate introduced me to them soon after we met, and I literally listened to them non-stop for the entire duration of the year. (I tend to do that with new bands I discover that I really like, although I'm fairly certain no one has beaten O.A.R.'s record of consecutive listenings) This band definitely has a giant lead in number of plays if you were to look at my iTunes, and I have no shame about that. They also are the owners of my favorite song of all time (if you wondering, it's "Hey Girl"--see the video at the end of this post).

So, this past Thursday (August 11th), I had the amazing pleasure of getting to see them live. They played the opening night of the Lake Champlain Vermont Maritime Festival, which is located right on the water:

Anyway, this was the best (and granted, the only) concert I've seen in a very long time. I have had the privilege of having seen O.A.R. live four times now, all over the place: twice in Burlington, once in Norfolk, VA, and once in Maryland (where they come from). So let me tell you, previously the best concert of theirs I had seen was the MD one, because it was in their home town! Of course they're going to rock it extra hard. But let me tell you, Thursday's concert was AWESOME. As in, super, super amazing. So good! I cannot gush enough. They played the two songs I'd wanted them to play so desperately, so what more could I ask for? Not much, really.

But honestly, I gotta say, if you ever get the chance to see them, do it! They're really good live, not at all a band that needs all the help a studio can provide to sound good. Their music is so feel-good, so easy to sing to, so amazing. Please check them out if you haven't already!

And I'll leave ya with a video I took of part of "Hey Girl" -- so good!



Love at First Sight

Here is the story of love at first sight, of wanting and yearning, and of ultimate satisfaction. Sadly (or perhaps not), this concerns the love of a young woman and the perfect, perfect wallet, not the perfect guy. Read on...

So I've been searching for a replacement wallet for a while now. I prefer checkbook wallets, as in the ones that don't fold, as I find them more practical and think they look nice. After sporting the same Espirit purple leather wallet I've had since I first arrived in Austria (when I literally had to carry twelve cards around with me at all times to make sure I had everything I might need), it started to get a bit ratty from all of the wear and tear. Don't get me wrong, I still love that wallet! It just wasn't appeasing me quite as much for the past while. So off I went, a-browsing my favorite shops to find something that suited my needs and liking.

A couple of weeks ago, I found it. It was love at first sight: 

Need I say more?

But $195 for a wallet? That's a very, very steep price for me. I just couldn't justify spending that much on a wallet, even though I new it would be of high quality, and if I were to own any sort of designer wallet/bag/accessory of that sort, it would preferably be from Kate Spade.

So, I tried to put it out of my mind. And I did successfully, for about two weeks. Then I just couldn't stifle my interest and went back to the site. Just one thing was wrong: it wasn't where I'd left it! Fear ran over me; had I missed my chance? I nimbly ran over to the Sale section, and it was there that I set eyes once again upon this little lovely, sitting there for a 50.3% discount. Granted, it still cost more than I think I've ever spent on a bag (or definitely a wallet), but I just couldn't hold myself any longer.

And now that I have this wonderful little wallet in my own hands, I couldn't be more pleased! And we shall live happily ever after. Yay!

Now I just have to get over my anxiety for actually using it! My fear of ruining its beauty must be overcome for practicality's sake.


Neutral Take-off


Here's another Outfit of the Day post!

I really like the way this look came together. The neutral color palette suited me well for the day, and I paired my new watch with it! The sash that I actually wore was cloth and from American Apparel, not leather like the one pictures. I  tied it simply once on my left, as opposed to the middle. And those sandals? I got them oh, three years ago I think (maybe two), and love them to death! They are my one pair of gladiator sandals and are super comfy as well as stylish.

How do all of you pair neutrals with neutrals? Is it something you do often? Please share in the comments!


Outfit of the Day!

Here is my first official Outfit of the Day (aka OotD)! I'll be posting these from time to time (hopefully building up to a very regular schedule). They'll help me keep record of what I've worn and how I've worn the things I own. And maybe they will even inspire you to try something out yourself!

I wore this outfit to work in the lab, finishing some testing. I didn't have the chance to take pictures of myself wearing it in good lighting (I need to invest in a floor lamp for my living room), but here is a polyvore set of the items I wore.


It was quite a nice outfit to be wearing in the warm weather, and kept me comfortable all day. I absolutely adore this skirt, and was so glad to pick it up from ModCloth when I did. The sweater is one I own in three colors, and is rotated regularly throughout my wardrobe. It's nice and lightweight, and perfect for layering.

What do all of you think? What do you wear to keep cool in hot weather? Please share in the comments!


Monday Longings

A further new weekly feature for the viewing pleasure of myself, as well as my readers of course!

This feature will be posted every Monday, and will include a list of the few things at the top of my wish list currently. Perhaps it will supply some comfort to me and prevent my wallet from being completely empty as I refrain from purchasing these things!

Here goes...


1. A colorful pair of pants, like these here! Isn't that rose color a fantastic take as opposed to a neutral? I can picture it going with so many things! Plus Pilcro is probably my current favorite maker of pants. So comfortable, great quality, and for a decent price when it comes to upper-end clothing products!



2. A worldly pillow. Clearly my travel bug has translated to how I want to decorate my home. Now I just can't decide, which one do I prefer? Aw heck, I want both!


3. This jacket. I can see it carrying me perfectly through the fall weather here in Vermont. (Very) early birthday present, perhaps?


4. And lastly, for my sweet tooth, these delicious-sounding cookies. I love Earl Grey tea, and so I'm so very tempted to fill my desire for an order of these scrumdidlyumptous treats.

So there, some lovely eye-candy to start the week off right! Talk to you soon, readers!


Image credit: 
1/ http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?color=066&navAction=jump&id=22527774 
2/ http://www.etsy.com/listing/77206127/planisphere-pillow 
3/ http://www.etsy.com/listing/79022042/paint-by-number-globe-pillow 
4/ http://www.fossil.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=12052&catalogId=10052&productId=22243771&imagePath=WC5206298 
5/ http://www.etsy.com/listing/62313238/earl-grey-sandwich-cookies


Weekend Wrap-Up

The sun breaking through the clouds
earlier this week. [via iPhone]

Here is a feature that I will be featuring regularly on my blog! The wrap-up of my weekend, including highlights of the things I did (hopefully some things of interest!). Dun dun dun...

  • A movie ("Stupid Crazy Love" -- very good! I recommend it) and drinks with my dear friend M, who is leaving me and moving back to New Jersey in a week. (Eep!) But it was a good night full of yummy drinks, great talks, and late-night pizza. What more could a girl ask for?
  • A good sleep-in on Saturday morning, something that hasn't happened much recently due to work and having a kitten!
  • Hitting up the farmer's market to peruse the yummy local offerings. Love it!
  • Snatching up this lovely sweater in maroon and this fantastic coat in black while meandering downtown. I can hardly wait to rock these once it cools down a little! But in the mean time, I'm definitely enjoying the warm weather and cannot say my mouth waters at the thought of another long, cold winter heading my way.
  • Getting complimented on the dress I wore on Saturday (three times!). You can buy it here; it just came back in stock! Cannot recommend it enough. And it always makes me feel so good to be complimented on what I'm wearing.
  • I got my new watch fitted! It looks freaking great; I'm definitely one who fell for the white watch trend!
  • Cleaning up house a little bit, which definitely helps me be more stress-free! Living in a cluttered space always builds at least a little tension for me personally.

So all in all, a well-rounded weekend of accomplishing things of both necessity and fun, which is precisely what I look for when thinking of great weekends. Readers, I hope all of you had fantastic weekends as well! And prepare, I'll be unveiling some other new features this week, so I hope to see you again!




Kipper! I told you all you'd meet him soon! Here he is.

Kipper says "hello."


Hello! Welcome to Presently Past! My name is Laura, and after many years of reading and following others' blogs as well as having a few of my own, I have finally decided to enter into the world of blogging seriously myself.

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm currently a college student with one year of undergraduate schooling left, after which I will possess a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in German. (Ja, das hei├čt, ich spreche auch Deutsch!) I live in Vermont, originate from California, and have also lived two years of my life abroad in Europe (one in Hungary, and one in Austria). If you were to ask me what I'm itching for the most in my life, career-wise it would be to move to Berlin.

My interests are as follows (among other things):
My adorable kitten named Kipper, whom you will surely be introduced to soon here!
The MLB! I'm an absolute die-hard San Francisco Giants fan, but love the sport as a whole.
Travel. I've caught that bug, and have it bad!
Fashion, which although I claim to be no expert in, I try my best for!
Good food: unfortunately, I am no acclaimed chef, but I'm attempting my best as we speak!

As for this blog, well, I hope to introduce you to parts of my life as well as some of my favorite things. I will try to post at least twice a week to start, perhaps more often as time goes on. I will post about things I stumble upon online as well as with pictures I have taken myself with my little Sony point-and-shoot.

I hope you enjoy! There is much more to come, I promise.

-- Laura