OotD: Summer days, make me feel fine

Dress, Sandals, Belt UO; Cardigan Nordstrom BP

This dress is probably my favorite dress in my closet at the moment. I've been wearing it all summer long, and it's lovely color, great pattern, and perfect length make for an awesomely airy dress to wear on those days when the warmth is still hanging around like it's its job. So glad I hunted it down when I did! And I love the way it pairs with this simple black cardigan and the black sandals. There's not much need for accessorizing at all!

Also, I forgot to mention this in my last post, but I recently discovered that I can touch up photos and "enhance" them to make the colors much brighter. Hooray! Now you, readers, will be getting consistent OotD's with pictures of me in the actual outfits! Yay!


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