The Story of Two Egglings.

The Story of Two Egglings: Part One

There once were two Egglings, lovingly purchased by one blog writer, myself. They made their arrival a couple of weeks ago, and boy was I happy to see them! I'd wanted to start a little Eggling garden for a while, and now finally had my chance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Egglings, they are little egg-shaped ceramic growing containers. They arrive whole (see above), and then you tap the top with a spoon to break it open, where soil and seeds (flowers, herbs, etc.) lie within. Then water, provide sunshine, and wait!

The two Egglings (one basil, one mint) were promptly set up and watered, and then set side-by-side in the windowsill in my kitchen. I started to wait anxiously; I have never been known to have a particularly bright shade of green on either of my thumbs.

Then it came time to wait. The suspense was killing me from the start. Would the little egglings sprout? Would I be soon on my way to having fresh, homegrown basil and mint?

Stay tuned to find out!

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Naomi said...

omgosh they're so cute! they're like the new Chia pet!