Of A Revolution

For those of you who do not know me very well, my favorite band is a certain band named O.A.R. (aka Of A Revolution).

My freshman-year roommate introduced me to them soon after we met, and I literally listened to them non-stop for the entire duration of the year. (I tend to do that with new bands I discover that I really like, although I'm fairly certain no one has beaten O.A.R.'s record of consecutive listenings) This band definitely has a giant lead in number of plays if you were to look at my iTunes, and I have no shame about that. They also are the owners of my favorite song of all time (if you wondering, it's "Hey Girl"--see the video at the end of this post).

So, this past Thursday (August 11th), I had the amazing pleasure of getting to see them live. They played the opening night of the Lake Champlain Vermont Maritime Festival, which is located right on the water:

Anyway, this was the best (and granted, the only) concert I've seen in a very long time. I have had the privilege of having seen O.A.R. live four times now, all over the place: twice in Burlington, once in Norfolk, VA, and once in Maryland (where they come from). So let me tell you, previously the best concert of theirs I had seen was the MD one, because it was in their home town! Of course they're going to rock it extra hard. But let me tell you, Thursday's concert was AWESOME. As in, super, super amazing. So good! I cannot gush enough. They played the two songs I'd wanted them to play so desperately, so what more could I ask for? Not much, really.

But honestly, I gotta say, if you ever get the chance to see them, do it! They're really good live, not at all a band that needs all the help a studio can provide to sound good. Their music is so feel-good, so easy to sing to, so amazing. Please check them out if you haven't already!

And I'll leave ya with a video I took of part of "Hey Girl" -- so good!


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