Weekend Wrap-Up

The sun breaking through the clouds
earlier this week. [via iPhone]

Here is a feature that I will be featuring regularly on my blog! The wrap-up of my weekend, including highlights of the things I did (hopefully some things of interest!). Dun dun dun...

  • A movie ("Stupid Crazy Love" -- very good! I recommend it) and drinks with my dear friend M, who is leaving me and moving back to New Jersey in a week. (Eep!) But it was a good night full of yummy drinks, great talks, and late-night pizza. What more could a girl ask for?
  • A good sleep-in on Saturday morning, something that hasn't happened much recently due to work and having a kitten!
  • Hitting up the farmer's market to peruse the yummy local offerings. Love it!
  • Snatching up this lovely sweater in maroon and this fantastic coat in black while meandering downtown. I can hardly wait to rock these once it cools down a little! But in the mean time, I'm definitely enjoying the warm weather and cannot say my mouth waters at the thought of another long, cold winter heading my way.
  • Getting complimented on the dress I wore on Saturday (three times!). You can buy it here; it just came back in stock! Cannot recommend it enough. And it always makes me feel so good to be complimented on what I'm wearing.
  • I got my new watch fitted! It looks freaking great; I'm definitely one who fell for the white watch trend!
  • Cleaning up house a little bit, which definitely helps me be more stress-free! Living in a cluttered space always builds at least a little tension for me personally.

So all in all, a well-rounded weekend of accomplishing things of both necessity and fun, which is precisely what I look for when thinking of great weekends. Readers, I hope all of you had fantastic weekends as well! And prepare, I'll be unveiling some other new features this week, so I hope to see you again!


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