Outfit of the Day!

Here is my first official Outfit of the Day (aka OotD)! I'll be posting these from time to time (hopefully building up to a very regular schedule). They'll help me keep record of what I've worn and how I've worn the things I own. And maybe they will even inspire you to try something out yourself!

I wore this outfit to work in the lab, finishing some testing. I didn't have the chance to take pictures of myself wearing it in good lighting (I need to invest in a floor lamp for my living room), but here is a polyvore set of the items I wore.


It was quite a nice outfit to be wearing in the warm weather, and kept me comfortable all day. I absolutely adore this skirt, and was so glad to pick it up from ModCloth when I did. The sweater is one I own in three colors, and is rotated regularly throughout my wardrobe. It's nice and lightweight, and perfect for layering.

What do all of you think? What do you wear to keep cool in hot weather? Please share in the comments!

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